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Dr Disrespect showcases his insane clutch ability in CS:GO

Dr Disrespect proved that he can hold his own in CS:GO during his latest stream.

The Doc is more famous for his personality and abilities when it comes to other games, such as Apex Legends and other battle royales. He doesn’t stream CS:GO too often. In fact, he’s only streamed four hours of CS:GO in the last 365 days, according to Twitch statistics website SullyGnome.

Dr Disrespect, however, pulled off a one-vs-five ace clutch in the pistol round yesterday. The Two Time was playing without armor, killed some injured enemies, but also nailed some headshots. The Doc barely spoke during the play but made a pose after winning the one-vs-one clutch with just eight HP.

Although the Doc joked about being better than Global Elite, the highest matchmaking rank in CS:GO, he’s actually in Silver II, the second-lowest rank in the game.

Based on this clip, however, he seems to be more than capable of leveling up a couple of times. The Doc played well, especially when he pulled off a fake plant twice to make the last opponent expose himself.

But Dr Disrespect also showed a huge flaw in his gameplay that could hurt him in the long run if he doesn’t improve. He reloaded his Glock every time he killed an opponent, which isn’t necessary since it contains 20 bullets per magazine.

It’s unclear, though, if this was just one of Dr Disrespect’s rare CS:GO streams or if he’ll be grinding the game in the near future.

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