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GamerzClass and Twistzz provide state-of-the-art CSGO courses

Danish organization GamerzClass has partnered with Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken to create a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) masterclass. GamerzClass courses are designed to help students reach their maximum potential and feature the world’s top talent. Now, Twistzz steps into the server to his indispensable game knowledge.

What is GamerzClass?

Twistzz's CSGO course

GamerzClass is a passion project developed by two gamers with the hopes of becoming the best players possible. CEO and founder Victor Folmann reflects on his experience growing as a player. Years ago, Folmann’s love of Counter-Strike led him to scour the internet for resources to up his own game.

“There were endless nights on YouTube looking for grenade and aim tutorials for CSGO,” said Folmann. “And I learned a lot, but I also realized that it wasn’t efficient at all.”

Therefore, the most significant inspiration behind GamerzClass was the desire to bring top-tier resources to the market, all in one place.

Folmann launched their first course, featuring Henrik “Froggen” Hansen from League of Legends, in January 2019. Since then, the organization has educated over 100,000 registered users and developed more than 20 courses. Furthermore, GamerzClass’s portfolio includes master classes in League of Legends, Dota 2, CSGO, Fortnite, and more.

Twistzz s his skills

Twistzz teaches CSGO in a GamerzClass course

Liquid’s Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken creates his own CSGO masterclass.

Twistzz worked closely with GC to develop a one-of-a-kind rifling course. His course is the third installment of a CSGO series. Previous iterations feature Nathan “NBK” Schmitt (support/lurking) and Will “Rush” Wierzba (entry fragging). Twistzz’s course dives in depth into topics such as positioning, decision-making, map walkthroughs, utility usage, and more.

Throughout the course, Twistzz focuses on elevated mechanics and game sense, rather than covering basics. The goal of the course is to give students access to information and knowledge gained from years of experience and expertise. The information gained through the course is unlike any resources online.

Twistzz explains game mechanics for GamerzClass.

The entire course is divided into separate lessons, allowing students to concentrate on specific topics and learn at their own pace. Moreover, all episodes come with a workbook containing exercises tailored for each lesson.

GamerzClass hopes to become the one-stop shop for gaming resources. The organization is still developing with leading esports teams and players and planning to release as much content as possible. For more information about GC courses and how to sign up, visit their official website.

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