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League of Legends: Best Assassin Champions 2020


Akali's all about dipping in and out of combat like a true assassin. She's mechanically complex, but take time to master her abilities and you'll be a slippery ninja who's incredibly difficult to eliminate.

One of Akali's main assets is her Twilight Shroud, a smoke bomb that slowly spreads and conceals her location. This enables to her to slip away repeatedly in the middle of a fight, making her almost impossible to pindown and giving her ample opportunity to string together a devastating combo.

Most of the time, you'll want to land an ability, take a step back and re-engage. The Twilight Shroud is the perfect catalyst for this playstyle, as all of your abilities play off this 're-engagement' mechanic. Her passive Assassin's Mark creates a ring of energy around an enemy struck with magic damage, and exiting the ring will empower her next auto attack. Her Shuriken Flip enables her to dash to a struck enemy no matter how far away they've escaped, while her ultimate Perfect Execution encourages a second dash to finish off enemies once and for all.

All in all, Akali's a great choice if you're after an assassin who is capable of outplaying opponents, causing chaos in teamfights and deleting vulnerable backline enemies.

For a useful Akali guide, check out Professor Akali's video down below:

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