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League of Legends: Best Carry Champions 2020

LoL: Best Carry Champions 2020 - Pantheon

While many carry Champions come into their own as the game progresses, Pantheon is one who can press an advantage in the early-to-mid game instead.

First, he’s a significant threat during the laning phase. You’ll most likely find yourself in top lane, where his Spear Shot makes for excellent poke damage to whittle down your opponent, and Aegis of Zeonia is an easy to use stun.

Pantheon can make a few risky plays too, thanks to his ability to block incoming basic attacks and turret attacks. If you’re feeling confident and a little aggressive you can punish weaker players - even if they’re hiding under structures - using a well-time tower dive. That stun can prove incredibly handy here too.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of Pantheon, though, is that you can make plays anywhere on the map with his Grand Skyfall ultimate. This allows him to leap to a place of his choosing and pick off a target that’s overextended too far in lane, or help out allies in trouble by turning a fight in your favour.

That ability to be responsive, combined with Pantheon’s strengths elsewhere, allows players with high awareness to be responsive anywhere in the game and lead the team to victory.

Watching Pantheon in action will give you the biggest head-start. Here's a video which shows off some gameplay tips:

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