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League of Legends: Best Early Game Champions 2020


Pantheon's an incredibly powerful duelist who can assert control over the top lane by out-poking and out-trading his opponent, which makes him a great choice for those who want to get an early lead. Once they’re vulnerable, he can leap in with lockdown and some surprising burst to secure kills.

Spear Shot can help you damage opponents or kill creeps from afar, and once you see an opening you can leap to your target with Aegis of Zeonia and press the advantage.

Meanwhile, Heartseeker Strike is also very useful, not just for its active effect, but mainly the passive bonus, which makes Pantheon’s basic attacks and Spear Shot always crit against enemies below 15% health. Perfect for laying down a nice chunk of extra damage to finish off weak or fleeing targets.

In addition, using all of these abilities also empowers Pantheon’s passive, Aegis Protection. After landing four basic attacks or abilities, he is able to block the next incoming hit from a champion or turret, which only strengthens his duelling capabilities at the start of the game more. Handily, casting Aegis of Zeonia also refreshes his passive, guaranteeing an additional block when you go in for a trade or kill.

As you reach the end of the early game, Pantheon can also use his Grand Skyfall ultimate to put pressure on other lanes, bringing his impressive kill potential to catch out enemy champions who aren’t expecting to be outnumbered in a skirmish.

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