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League of Legends: How to level up fast

How to level up fast

Win games

It goes without saying that winning matches in League of Legends will net you more EXP than losing them. This means that to level up you’ve got to aim for the win. With this in mind it’s best to party up with a like-minded friend for extra coordination!

First win of the day

Log in every day and you’ll get a “First win of the day” mission to complete. It’s available once you hit level 15 and rewards you with 400 bonus EXP after winning a matchmade game. This makes it well worth logging in every day even if you can’t commit to a few games, as you’ll still earn a decent amount of EXP if you manage a quick victory.

It goes without saying that this little boost takes a day to reset, so make sure you're logging in everyday to maximise your rewards.

Buy EXP Boosts

A boost temporarily increases the amount of EXP you’ll earn at the end of each match. There are two kinds of boost: Duration and Win Boosts.

Both of these Boosts can be purchased from the Riot Store using Riot Points, which you’ll have to fork out real world currency for.

Duration Boosts offer double the base EXP earned from a game, while Win Boosts add a healthy 210 XP on top of any match you play.

Duration Boosts last for a certain period of time, while Win Boosts will only be applied if you Win a game and only expire once you’ve won a certain amount.

Essentially, this is one of the best ways to level up fast as it’ll give you a much needed...well, boost to the EXP you earn from most/all of your matches.

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