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League of Legends: How to ward like a pro

League of Legends wards - the basics

There are a number of ways to acquire wards in League of Legends but they all offer the same basic utility: providing vision in a small radius around the area they are placed. Your allies can even cast Teleport on most of them! There are a few differences, though, all of which are explained below in our League of Legends ward list:

  • Totem Ward - The most basic ward type. When you have the Warding Totem trinket, you’ll gain a Totem Ward charge every 240-120 seconds. Each placed ward is stealthed, grants vision in the surrounding 900 units and lasts from 90-120 seconds or until destroyed. You can have up to three on the map at once per player.
  • Control Ward - These can be purchased for 75 gold in the item shop and last indefinitely or until destroyed. They also grant vision in the surrounding 900 units but also reveal stealthed objects, traps and champions. You can have one of these on the map per player.
  • Stealth Ward - Functions similarly to the Totem Ward. These are earned as charges on support-focused items. They are stealthed, last for 150 seconds and share the same placement limitations with Totem Wards.
  • Farsight Ward - You can place one of these with the Farsight Alteration trinket. It grants vision over the surrounding 500 units, lasts indefinitely but can be seen by your opponents. You or your allies cannot teleport to this ward.
  • Ghost Poro - A unique type of ward acquired through the Ghost Poro rune. Grants vision in the surrounding 450 units when placed in a bush. When an enemy enters that bush it is scared away and alerts your whole team with a ping on the map.
  • Zombie Ward - A unique type of ward acquired through the Zombie Ward rune. These wards pop up in place of an opponent’s ward when you destroy them, granting vision in the surround 1100 units while lasting indefinitely. They can be seen and destroyed by your opponents, and cannot be teleported onto.
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