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League of Legends: Runes guide

League of Legends Runes Overview

League of Legends Runes are divided into five separate categories - or Paths - that each focus on different aspects of gameplay. They are as follows:

  • Precision - Improved attacks and sustained damage
  • Domination - Burst damage and target access
  • Sorcery - Empowered abilities and resource manipulation
  • Resolve - Durability and crowd control
  • Inspiration - Creative tools and rule bending

Within these Paths, the Runes are then further divided into two sub-categories: Keystone Runes and Lesser Runes. To create a Rune Page, players must choose one Primary Path where they can take one Keystone Rune and 3 Lesser Runes with one Secondary Path where they only take 2 Lesser Runes.

Depending on the role you’re playing, the specific champion you choose or other personal preferences, you can build a number of Rune Pages that amplify the strengths of your champion or grant them extra abilities that support their playstyle. ADCs, for example, might want to focus on the Precision path, whereas Tanks may find more use out of Runes in the Resolve path.

At first, players a given a handful of premade Rune Pages to choose from when they enter a game. As you increase your Summoner Level by playing matches, the Runes system becomes more open, allowing you to create and edit individual pages to suit your preferred playstyle.

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