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Secret survive Divine Rapier drop to sweep Na’Vi, remain undefeated at ESL One Los Angeles Online

Team Secret clashed against Natus Vincere in the group stage of the ESL One Los Angeles Online league today.

Secret have been in top form throughout the Dota 2 season. Despite Na’Vi bringing their A-game today, Puppey’s team swept the series to retain their unbeaten record.

Game one saw Secret outplay and outstrategize their opponents beautifully. Na’Vi raced out to an early lead with a Broodmother last pick, but Secret’s decision to amass armor and aura items paid off in spades when they grouped up and proved to be unkillable. It didn’t take too long for Na’Vi to realize that they were outmatched and concede the game.

The second game was a back-and-forth affair between the two teams. Na’Vi matched Secret every step of the way, playing the map well with the global presence of Nature’s Prophet and pushing prowess of Death’s Prophet. Secret’s MATUMBAMAN was quietly farming away, benefiting from the space that his team was creating for him.

Eventually, Secret found the confidence to push up the high ground with a farmed Medusa. While the fight started off well for Secret, disaster struck when MATUMBAMAN hit the deck, losing the Divine Rapier in the process. The Secret carry later admitted in a post-game interview that combining the Demon Edge and Sacred Relic was a mistake and that “nobody [on his team] knew [he] had a Rapier.”

It was a crucial error on Secret’s part, but Na’Vi now had a lifeline in sight. Magical’s carry Nature’s Prophet picked up the Rapier. The game reverted to an unusually static state, with MATUMBAMAN desperately farming another Rapier and Magical afraid to lose his.

Nature’s Prophet vulnerabilities were fully exposed when Na’Vi finally elected to take a fight, showing why the CIS squad had been hesitant. Magical was unable to output enough damage with the range of crowd control and defensive items Secret had, giving the Rapier back to Secret.

With two cores holding Rapiers in hand, Secret easily demolished the Na’Vi base, winning their third series in a row and ensuring that their undefeated streak remains.

Secret stand atop Group B at the ESL One L.A. league. The team has looked strong, winning games with surgical efficiency and managing to pull off victories that lesser squads would likely succumb to. Barring a precipitous drop in form, Secret will remain the team to beat at this event.

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