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Virtus Pro beat Cyber Legacy for third-straight win at ESL One Los Angeles Online

Virtus Pro matched up against CIS compatriot Cyber Legacy at the ESL One Los Angeles Online league today. Two clean performances sealed a 2-0 win for VP. This is the CIS crew’s third win in a row and they remain undefeated so far at the Dota 2 competition.

Game one saw VP pick up one of Zayac’s signature heroes, the obnoxious Techies, along with no[o]ne’s iconic Invoker. Cyber Legacy, wary of the techies, picked up a fast Necronomicon 3 on their core Dazzle, using the hero’s strong sustain to push up early. 

Even with constantly available true sight, Zayac’s vast Techies experience saw him using fog of war and trees to hide his mines expertly. By sniping kills on enemy heroes, Zayac’s presence allowed VP to whittle down Cyber Legacy’s advantage. No[o]ne’s Quas-Wex Invoker was also a menace, landing some pivotal Tornado-EMP combos to turn fights.

Perhaps the best sign of VP finally feeling like themselves was some classic bad manners from the CIS squad. VP proceeded to close out the game cleanly.

For the second round, VP’s Resolut1on was the star of the show. As the only preseason recruit to remain with the team so far, his transition to the offlane role hasn’t been the smoothest. For this game, the Ukrainian looked like he’s been playing position three for his entire life.

Despite being forced to solo his lane due to VP’s decision to pick a greedy Enigma support, Resolut1on’s Pangolier survived the laning stage with zero deaths and even managed to get a solo kill on the opposing support. His impact snowballed from there, culminating in a double Rampage to cap off his phenomenal performance.

VP now sit on top of Group A. The other undefeated team in the group is two-time The International champions OG. Their scheduled to clash on April 12.

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